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Employment counseling by the Finnish Immigration Service to encourage refugees to volunteer.

The immigration office for camps hires recruits to give advice to immigrants who have been denied a negative answer or their answer to encourage them to return voluntarily. These counselors are hired for 15 districts or cities. For example, Camp Lammi’s consultant also advises other Hellenic city camps in Hämeenlinna to those who have responded negatively or rejected for voluntary …

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List of Asylum Rights Organizations and Associations in Germany

More or less, in all major German cities, various groups and organizations work in solidarity with refugees and migrants, and they also have political, social and legal support. On the list below, there are a number of self-organized refugee agencies (recommended for referral) and anti-racist groups. In addition to introducing ways to connect with institutions that specifically provide legal and …

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Change in asylum decisions of Afghan refugees in Finland

Afghan refugee asylum decisions are being made. The court decided to grant asylum in some cases to some Afghan refugees. The court resolved four cases. In two cases, it was decided that we can not return refugees to Afghanistan. The decision of the court means that in the future decisions of the authorities on cases of asylum are in accordance …

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License for work and residence in Germany, familiarity with German regulations

You must apply for a Schengen visa for a period of up to three months (90 days) to enter and stay in Germany. If you think you should stay in Germany more and / or work, you must apply for a permit called “Residence Right” Residence title). German visa for staying less than three months You need an airport visa …

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What are the reasons for accepting an asylum application in Germany?

Only asylum is accepted by anyone who has nurtured the legal conditions of Germany. You can read the following picture in order to understand which reasons are important for the recognition of German asylum laws. Acceptance in definition lighting The basis for the adoption of an asylum is a definition derived from Article 16 (a) of the German Constitution (Art. …

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Afghan refugees and Iranian translators

Afghan refugees and Iranian translators This is a very important piece of paper sent by a Scandinavian government employee for immigrant voices. Please read this article and share it extensively! Hello I am an employee of a government agency in a Nordic country. The subject that has been busy with my mind for many years is through the immigrant voice …

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Some important points about the process of expulsion of asylum seekers from Germany

Which department does the issuance of refugees and which department is responsible for its implementation? Why do some people still remain in Germany, in addition to receiving false alerts? The complex layers of the eviction law and the conditions for the expulsion of asylum seekers in this report … Which office decides if an asylum seeker is to be fired? …

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European Court of Justice: Asylum seekers must apply for asylum at the country of entry

The European Court of Justice has ruled that admission to asylum proceedings should take place in the country where the asylum seeker arrives. During the ascent of asylum seekers in 2015 and 2016, EU countries opened their borders so that asylum seekers could move from one country to another in the European Union. The European Court of Justice has accepted …

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New Zealand Guide to Work and Immigration

General information It is located in the southern hemisphere near Australia and the Antarctica, and consists of two main islands, the northern island and the southernmost island, and about 600 smaller islands. New Zealand has one of the world’s most economical economies. It is heavily dependent on the trade of agricultural products to Australia, the European Union, the United States, …

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