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Kabul attack: At least 60 killed in suicide blast

More than 100 people were killed and wounded in a suicide attack targeting an education center in Kabul Wednesday (August 15), according to a government official. Among the victims were thought to be dozens of teenagers studying for university exams. Many Internal and international Institutions strongly condemned the attack, The United Nations mission in the Afghanistan saying in a statement …

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Children Witness Scenes Of Horror During Mosque Attack

In Friday’s attack on Imam Zaman mosque in Kabul’s PD11, men and women were killed – so were children.  However, a number of children who survived the attack witnessed horrific scenes that even adults are struggling to come to terms with. Ali Ahmad, one young boy, was trapped in the mosque’s courtyard during the attack. His picture on social media …

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Danish Danish Student Defenders Defenders in Live TV – Video

Definite and full-fledged Danish schoolchildren from refugees and immigrants in live television: Emile Error to Denko Folk Party Representative: I have not seen refugees as human beings! Danish News – A Danish refugee and immigrant student defense of the Danesh Folk Party party representative in a televised debate has launched a great deal of Danish social networking. The young man …

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Asylum in Greece – video

This interview is very important for any refugee. Because it will be decided upon after the outcome of the immigration asylum application. This movie is free for you and you can give it to anyone else who has this guide Need to show. The film is available in fourteen different languages

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Hear the words of an Afghan deportee from Norway

#Norway_Deportation! Minors deported to Afghanistan! Ali Reza Alizada is one of the many young Afghan asylum seekers who has been deported to Afghanistan on 12th of March. He can not return to his home province of Ghazni and has no network in Kabul. He will soon be out of the hotel where he is allowed to stay for 14 days …

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Prevent Departures of Afghan Refugees by German People – Video

The German police had plans to transfer refugee Afghan refugees to the Deport Center, which was faced by a number of human rights activists. These activists were placed in front of the police car. Today, in Munchen, Germany, a clash will take place against the forced deportation of Afghans. All free people are asked to attend the event, if possible. …

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Short film about forced marriage of children in Afghanistan

Jabbar children for marriage at an early age While the child is learning the experience of communicating with the environment and acquiring life skills, they are still unable to analyze the complex rules of marital life and how to deal adequately with their couples in different situations of life, It is a great discrimination and oppression for girls whose experience …

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