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German police stop truck with 51 migrants squeezed inside

BERLIN — German police say they have stopped a truck near the German-Polish border with 51 people squeezed inside, among them 17 children. Federal police say the truck was stopped early Saturday on the highway A12 near the eastern German town of Muellrose. Police said some of the people inside were dehydrated and all were thirsty and hungry. They were …

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Refugees and the German elections

Refugees are one of the most debated topics in the campaign before Germany’s election on September 24. The political programs of the seven parties most likely to be elected do all reflect this.According to its party platform, the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) wants to close the borders and largely disband the asylum system rooted in Germany’s Basic Law. The …

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An Iranian man who shot his pregnant wife in Germany was sentenced to life imprisonment

Tina, 36, was killed by his wife, 49, fired by two bullets, Ms. Tina was 5 months old. The judge issued a verdict for Tina’s wife. The judge ruled in his own words: “This was the real execution of woman and fetus. The accused is responsible for this murder. ” On the night of November 23, last year, after a …

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Some important points about the process of expulsion of asylum seekers from Germany

Which department does the issuance of refugees and which department is responsible for its implementation? Why do some people still remain in Germany, in addition to receiving false alerts? The complex layers of the eviction law and the conditions for the expulsion of asylum seekers in this report … Which office decides if an asylum seeker is to be fired? …

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Germany’s Bootson police barred the arrival of an asylum seeker in the city

The entry of asylum seekers who have committed 24 offenses has been banned from the city of Bautzen. According to officials responsible for this asylum seeker, who calls himself “Shah Abboud”, he threatens “peaceful coexistence” in the city. A 21-year-old refugee was banned from entering Botswana in the state of Saxony in eastern Germany. Under the city’s mayor’s decision, the …

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