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Successful people

Alaha Ahrar Ambassador of Youth, Peace and Global Goodwill

Ms. Alaha Ahrar works with many different organizations to help people of different nationalities, tongues, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, color and people with disabilities in the United States and overseas. She graduated from University of Mary Washington in May 2012 with a triple majors and one certificate on time in four years. Alaha Ahrar’s majors are Political Science, International Affairs and …

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Mostafa Rezaei, Afghan inventor wins several international medals

Mostafa Rezaei, son of Qasem Ali, was born in Iran in 1989. He, like many of his compatriots, came into the realm of rostrum. He was always trying to build small machines and devices in his childhood, and he always wondered how he could succeed in this area. Though life in the immediate aftermath of his hardship was difficult, but …

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Small Afghani picasso paints a camp in Serbia

Farhad Nouri is known as “Little Picasso” among asylum seekers. Assoted Press reported in the report that the ten-year-old Afghan boy, who has been trapped with his parents and two younger brothers in a camp in Serbia, has for two reasons nicknamed “small picasso”: he knows how to figure out and Picasso Likes. Farhad, with his eyes glinting, spoke about …

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Omid Mahmoudi, successful young Afghan in sweden

Hope was born in Afghanistan at the height of tyranny and barbarism. He has experienced the fanaticism of the racist regime of the Taliban’s fascist regime with his blood and meat. Hope was born in a relatively poor family in Afghanistan, but he has always been looking for a change of mind. Hope for the night and day has worked, …

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Introducing a successful Afghan refugee

Mostafa has been working for the elderly in the municipality of the city where he resides, for two years, and today he has been educated and has received a permanent contract. Young people like Mustafa with a strong will can be a good model for the rest of the Afghan community residing in Europe.

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