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صحبتهای یک پناهجوی افغان دیپورت شده از ناروی را بشنوید


Minors deported to Afghanistan!

Ali Reza Alizada is one of the many young Afghan asylum seekers who has been deported to Afghanistan on 12th of March. He can not return to his home province of Ghazni and has no network in Kabul. He will soon be out of the hotel where he is allowed to stay for 14 days only.

Most of those recently deported from Norway and Sweden are between the age of 17-22 and have no social network in Afghanistan, including Kabul. For some of them, it is not possible to return to their families because it is too dangerous and full of risk, for the others, their families are either in Iran or Pakistan.

There is also a group of people who have completely lost contact with their families. The number of years they have spent in exile counts from 1 to 5 years. All of these young boys are a clear and soft target for recruitment for insurgent groups like Taliban, ISIS and etc.

Unfortunately, there has been some cases where the returnees have been forced to join the mentioned groups. Not because they were so eager and inspired by their satanic ideology, but they were forced to do so because they did not have any other option or mean of survival.

They were forcibly returned to a county with no mercy, no hope and no future.

Read HRW’s latest report on child recruitment of young Afghans by Taliban and other insurgent groups in Afghanistan. https://www.hrw.org/…/afghanistan-taliban-child-soldier-rec…

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