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Australia’s two-week grace period for asylum seekers

18 days to the end of the deadline for applying for asylum;

Australian asylum seekers must submit their application to the Australian Department of Immigration and Protection of the Australian Conservation Authority by October 1 of this year, according to the deadline set.

The Australian Government imposed a deadline of 1 October 2017 for thousands of illegal immigrants, including Iranian immigrants who arrived in Australia via the sea during the time of Tony Abbott, the former president of the country.

More than seven thousand illegal immigrants are trafficked by sea in Australia, most of whom arrived at the time of Toni Abbott, but the current Australian government, under the title of “tax paid by its citizens, costs people who even own a name” He has warned people not to apply for asylum, if they do not take the necessary measures to file their case for asylum, they will not be in charge of protecting them.

The warning comes at the same time that a large number of asylum seekers from different countries have spent more than 5 years in their lives in the hope of entering Australia at the campuses of the Papua New Guinea and Papua New Guinea as well as in other Australian cities.

These people face Australia’s current Australian government’s alert to determine their own homework that they often do not have someone to return to, or likely to be involved in, the prosecution.

In light of numerous questions regarding the fate of asylum seekers in Australia and eventually the closure of one of the most important asylum cases in the world, which is largely due to these asylum seekers, the Australian Government, the countries of origin, as well as the international community in terms of human rights and the law relating to the rights of asylum seekers The ISNA news agency has also raised questions in this regard as well as the deadline set by the Canberra government for the press section of the Australian Embassy in Iran, which is mentioned in this section of the report.

The Australian Embassy responded to the question of whether asylum applications should be made by all asylum seekers entering the Australian territory from anywhere and in any form, or simply involves illegal refugees? Has said:

The October 1 deadline relates only to illegal refugees who rushed to Australia from August 13, 2012 to January 1, 2014. Those illegal refugees who do not file their case for October TPV-SHEV will not be looking for asylum in Australia and should leave.

Currently, many asylum seekers in Australia, with little or no financial support and support from the Australian government, live their lives and do not enjoy full asylum rights. According to reports released by the Australian Government, only the last year’s contributions have been matured. Has spent $ 250 million on the government.

According to statistics provided by the Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, about 17,000 illegal immigrants entering the country are currently through government aids in Australia, and these people are facing costs for the country.

With the change of government in Australia, since the start of the Labor Party’s government and the launch of the “Open Borders” policy in Australia, it was created to allow 50,000 illegal immigrants to enter Australia over a five-year period, and so far the cost of maintaining them has been around 13.7 billion The dollar has been. The Australian government believes that the deadline of 1 October 2017 for the delivery of asylum applications ensures that the government pays for people who have permission to stay in the country.

Australia’s former prime minister Tony Abbott halted the arrival of refugee boats in his country, and imposed strict laws in this regard in the parliament, which has been criticized by some internationally for ignoring international asylum rights.

The Australian Embassy in Iran responded to the question that the Australian Government had previously announced that it would not accept asylum seekers illegally entering the country,

Does the deadline include those asylum seekers on Papua New Guinea or Christmas Islands?

The deadline does not include illegal refugees residing in camps. The Australian government has already clearly stated that they will never earn a residence in Australia. Australia has stopped trafficking and has returned human traffickers boats to Australia.

The Australian Government’s decision to expel illegal refugees is a matter of why the illegal refugees, despite the very poor status of the initial facilities and the lack of any basic asylum rights, do not want to return to their countries, and among them the reasons for Iranian refugees in this regard What is?

Based on the experiences of asylum seekers who have left their motherland in order to reach their utopian tribes, these people have sometimes left the capital, work, honor, and even at some time left their families and step down, thus they are not returning and are not willing to apply for asylum. They will not be offered at any of the camps, since filing asylum means signing their compulsory expulsion from Australia and returning to their country without any material and moral backing. And they may have to wait for arrest or judicial filing in return.

These categories of asylum seekers have already been filed for their asylum seekers

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