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Germany’s Bootson police barred the arrival of an asylum seeker in the city

The entry of asylum seekers who have committed 24 offenses has been banned from the city of Bautzen. According to officials responsible for this asylum seeker, who calls himself “Shah Abboud”, he threatens “peaceful coexistence” in the city.

A 21-year-old refugee was banned from entering Botswana in the state of Saxony in eastern Germany. Under the city’s mayor’s decision, the Libyan refugee has been deprived of the right to travel in the city for three months. The reason for this is “uncontrollable” and committing 24 offenses and crimes. Thieves, Thieves, Threats, Disturbing Calm, Imposing Financial Damages and Resistance to Executive Agents, including allegations of this asylum seeker. This young “nervous”, who called himself “Shah Abboud”, has now moved to a residence in Bautzen.

Shah Abboud, on Friday (August 4th), while holding a knife, appeared on the roof of the asylum seeker’s home and threatened to kill himself, police reported. The agents slowly lowered him to the hospital. He was discharged three days after the hospital. Libyan asylum-seeker, who was previously in contact with a group in the city center, is said to have been involved with German youth and may have wounded one.


The Mayor of Botswana, Alexander Arens, does not assess the decision to ban “Shah Abboud” into the city as “punishment or training.” “We have a responsibility to fight fiercely with those who compromise peaceful coexistence in our city,” he said in defense of the decision of the authorities.
According to him, this principle should be enforced for all “regardless of which group and nationality they belong”.
The mayor of Boatson, however, points out that the Libyan asylum seeker has often been “subjected to torture and incitement”, but insists that Shah Abboud’s behavior is unbearable.

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