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Meeting of the Minister of Education with Afghan Sitins + Audio

Gustav Friedolin, a minister of education attended by Afghan teenage girls at the School of Mediation, asked them to return to their homes when they started school and continue their education.

The official stressed that he would support Afghan refugee adolescents and be with them. Amir Nabizadeh, one of the organizers of the sit-in to Dari Radio Sweden, said the teenagers told the minister of education that their homes and schools would not be returned until they were asked to do so.

Amir Nabizadeh also announced the presence of the Afghan ambassador to the sitcoms and said he was going to sit on a sit-in to meet with Afghan teenagers.

Young refugee youths in Utrecht will also meet tomorrow at 2:00 pm in support of the Stockholm sit-in in their home town. A group of Swedish citizens have also announced their readiness to join the rally in Utaburi.

A group of Stockholm residents have also said they are rallying on Saturday to support Afghan sit-ins. Amir Nabizadeh, while announcing the lack of information on the demonstration, told us: “We welcome any demonstrations that we support, but any protests outside of our sit-ins will lead to dispersal of the sit-in.” So we want people who want support from us to join our sit-in at Modriwar Platsen.


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