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Swat police: We are with the asylum seekers for support until the end of the sit-in

At 8:00 PM on Tuesday, Afghan refugee adolescents were attacked in protest against forced deportations against the Swedish parliament. After a few minutes the police arrived at the scene and dispersed the attackers.

Jalaluddin, a member of the sit-in in a conversation with Dari Radio Sweden, said that the attackers were a group of racists who rushed to the asylum seekers with the slogan “Terrorist return to your country”, and three of these teenagers were thrown by smoke grenades Wounded by attackers.

Mehdi is one of the injured and in an interview with us describes the incident as follows: We were sitting and we did not show any reaction, because it is a police force that meets our security. The attackers threw something like a tear gas that fell to my feet right there and when I asked to get up and escape I was hurt.

According to Fatima Khayuri, one of the organizers of the sit-in, the attackers on Afghan teenagers were Nazis, and when they rushed to the sit-in, there was no detective at the scene. Fatima remarks: People from the Social-Democratic parties and the left have come here and say they will support us. We also say that the only support can be for the Director General of the Immigration Office to come here.

Speaking with the Dari Radio division of the parliamentary party, Daniel Leeztl, says the parliament is currently closed, so the number of delegates who have been present at the sit-in is low. But these teenagers should continue to sit and support more people in order to increase pressure on politicians, and both the Immigration Directorate and the new immigration minister will be accountable for this, he added.

Afghan refugee adolescents continue to sit down after last night’s attack. The police, in a message sent to them by a sit-in, declared that they were very pleased with the aggressive reaction of Afghan teenagers against the attacking group and would remain in their support until they sit down. But, according to Ahmed Rahimi, one of the guards on the sit-in, most of the sitcoms last night were unable to sleep well because of insecurity, and were worried about another possible assault by racist groups.

He tells us: One of the wounded is still in the hospital, and because he has had a heart surgery before, his situation looks alarming.

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