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Some important points about the process of expulsion of asylum seekers from Germany

Which department does the issuance of refugees and which department is responsible for its implementation? Why do some people still remain in Germany, in addition to receiving false alerts? The complex layers of the eviction law and the conditions for the expulsion of asylum seekers in this report …

Abschiebung von Ausländern am Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld Stempel abgeschoben (picture alliance/dpa/R.Hirschberger)

Which office decides if an asylum seeker is to be fired?

As the Federal Resettlement and Refugee Agency (BAMF) examines asylum-seekers’ cases, it may be thought that the agency will take the decision to expel. But this office only determines whether an applicant has a political right to stay in Germany. It can only declare the return of asylum seekers (fired alerts), but the agency can not ultimately decide that the person must be returned to the compulsory state. This is the responsibility of state governments in the sixteen states of Germany, which in total form the federal government.

The negative answer to the application for asylum is one of the general reasons for the administration of the foreigners of each state (Ausländeramt) to tell a person to leave Germany, but this is not the only reason. Foreigners who have been granted German residence or asylum are also expelled if they commit severe offenses. In this case, local authorities will consult with the Federal Migration and Asylum Administration whether the expulsion of the person is in conflict with the public interest. However, every state in Germany can refuse to order the expulsion of a federal agency for immigration and asylum on the expulsion of a refugee. For example, if these states assume that the country’s main security status is not returned, it is not safe enough.

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