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Afghan refugees and Iranian translators

Afghan refugees and Iranian translators
This is a very important piece of paper sent by a Scandinavian government employee for immigrant voices. Please read this article and share it extensively!

I am an employee of a government agency in a Nordic country. The subject that has been busy with my mind for many years is through the immigrant voice serving all the asylum seekers and refugees in Afghanistan.
I personally associate with asylum seekers of different countries on a daily basis. In the meantime, an issue is always a question to me and weird.
According to the laws of European countries, and in particular in the Nordic countries, every asylum seeker is required to communicate with the departments. Doctors, police, lawyers and others need translation. The interpreter has the task of translating the talks and demands of the two sides at the expense of the government and on the wishes of the refugee. The translators have a duty to keep secret and do not talk to any asylum seeker anywhere!
But a topic is a little surprising to me.
Afghan refugees, whether those who immigrated to Iran or those who came from Afghanistan, are not so different from their Afghan or Iranian translators!
But Iranian asylum seekers are not at all willing to be an Afghan translator, while many Afghan translators have become more influential in Iran than Iranians for long periods of time. But the Iranian translators do not have the ability to translate correctly into the Persian dare!
There is no problem in writing texts, but this difference is very clear in speech and dialect.
Many Afghan refugees only say that they are Persian or Dari translators, many Iranian translators in their Dari resume, but do not have the ability to translate accurately to Dari.
Unfortunately, so far, there have been many problems with this, and in some cases errors in translation have caused irreparable damage.
Of course, I know that some Afghans prefer their non-Afghan translators to not know their secrets from other Afghans. But all translators are not entitled to the right to express asylum seekers’ conversations after they have completed their translation, and they face the most severe punishment in the event of a violation.
But it’s interesting that the Iranians do not have this sensitivity and prefer the translator to be an Iranian because a fellow countryman can understand the issues over the course of the translation, and, according to his experience, can help in solving his compatriots’ problems.
But my question is why Afghans do not understand such a thing?
Most Farsi asylum seekers are Afghans. About 20 times Iranians.
But 50 percent of translators for Afghans are Iranian translators!
Maybe some of you do not mind this and maybe accuse me of racism.
But on a daily basis, I see things that you do not know, and I know how much the compiler can help with solving problems.
Meanwhile, I have witnessed that Iranian asylum seekers, after they realized that their interpreter is an Afghan! They objected to the meeting, while the Afghan translator spoke better than Persian in Persian. Because he has been immigrating to Iran for more than 20 years.

I request Afghan asylum seekers to learn from their Iranian counterparts and try to trust their countrymen, apart from ethnic issues. Afghan translators have more compassion for their fellow countrymen and will translate your speeches more than once due to common pain.
All Afghans residing outside of any ethnic or linguistic area have the duty to help their fellow citizens in the framework of the law and find it difficult to understand their problems.
with respect

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