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The Spanish police arrested an Iranian smuggling network

Voice of immigrants quoted by AFP The Spanish police and “Europl” succeeded in discovering and destroying a smuggling network that transmitted Iranian citizens in exchange for receiving 25,000 euros of bribes from Spain to Britain. Europe has arrested 101 people in the European Union in an international operation against the network, which was centered in Spain.

The Spanish police, in a statement issued on this occasion, said that 14 of the network’s authorities were arrested in the province of Magala in the south of Andalusia. The source added that the leader of the network was arrested while escaping to Brazil at Heathrow airport in London.

The network transmitted Iranian citizens to the UK through commercial flights, and 44 of them were traced to various European destinations. In the province of Magala in Spain, 42 people were arrested on charges of selling their Spanish identity papers at a price of 500 to 3 thousand euros.

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