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Omid Mahmoudi, successful young Afghan in sweden

Hope was born in Afghanistan at the height of tyranny and barbarism. He has experienced the fanaticism of the racist regime of the Taliban’s fascist regime with his blood and meat.
Hope was born in a relatively poor family in Afghanistan, but he has always been looking for a change of mind. Hope for the night and day has worked, and his trainee has begun trading as a teenager.
Due to the maladjustment and social injustice, tyranny and prejudice that exists with the Hazara people in Afghanistan, he left Afghanistan in early 2011 and left the country to emigrate. Hope in the same year, he applied for asylum in Sweden and began to write lectures, writing essays and books after he accepted his asylum, Hope. So far, two books of innocent criminals and burned generations have been welcomed.
Hope for the pain of the Afghan minorities has been written and spoken, he continues to speak of the suffering of children, speaks of the pain of immigration.

And grown in the Kabul Barchi plain and speaks of the pain of the youth and children of that country.
Hope is trying to raise the awareness of the Swedish community by presenting the status of immigrants and providing a platform for reconciliation and integration.
Omid Mahmudi has won and won many prizes and awards, including the first prize winner of the Uranus Tonamar Foundation, the winner of the annual Salzah Union and Shahmameh Award, the winner of the Best Indian Leading Leader and Best Winner The hero of the day has been awarded the title of the champion of the day.

Omid Mahmoudi, founder and chairman of the Immigration Union, is the only one to hang around, which is now the union of all 19 branches throughout the country after four years of leadership. Following the day-to-day efforts to integrate the immigrant community with the indigenous people of Swid, it is now trying to make the newcomers fairly familiar and share the power and policy of Sweden.
Hope in late 2015 was in search of the creation of various companies to enable them to work for some. He currently has three companies called the House of Happiness, the Choice of Children and the Chamber of Knowledge.
Hoping to always strive for change has made it a private and non-profit private company with a strange decision to profit from these companies for charitable work and for the employees of these companies. Hope with the help of these companies has also been able to make sleeping girls in Afghanistan.
Omid Mahmoudi is the only bridge between immigrants and the people of Afghanistan in particular with the Swedish parliament and the European Parliament. He is invited to major parliamentary meetings and other government bodies and shares his views with politicians across Europe and Sweden.
Hope for the moment, the Migrant Voice Co-Chairs, the Immigrant Union, is the only one to be a member of the Board of Directors of Gulukale Higher Education Institution.
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