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A baby was born in a Mediterranean boat for immigrants

In the midst of massive news of the tragedy, the birth of a child was announced on a boat carrying asylum seekers in the Mediterranean. The birth of this healthy baby recorded the memories of the rescue forces in the Mediterranean, which often encountered tragic cases.

The Mediterranean Sea has become a cemetery for asylum seekers, due to the thousands of dwellers drowned in it. Every week, dozens of asylum seekers on the way to Europe have disappeared and many have been bait animals for sea. But this time there is a different report on the birth of a healthy child in a boat carrying asylum seekers.

The rescue forces, who listened to the alarm every time they heard that the boats had been overthrown in every corner of the Mediterranean, have received unexpected news. The German Emergency Relief Service (SSO) has witnessed the birth of a child in the boat of refugees who plunged the waves of the sea and continued their journey. This child was born in a wooden boat in a distressed state. The assistive organization stated that the transfer of the cord to the child’s cord was not interrupted.

“The birth of this child in the course of her escape, in the sea of ​​wrath, embodies the widespread disregard for human dignity before our eyes,” Timon Marzelak, chairman of the organization, S. Oswaldland, said in the Mediterranean. This shows that a woman is in a difficult situation where she decides to climb a non-standard boat shortly before birth. ”

He said the situation of his child and mother is good. She is from Cameroon, and she was on his way to Europe in the final days of her pregnancy.

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