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Mostafa Rezaei, Afghan inventor wins several international medals

Mostafa Rezaei, son of Qasem Ali, was born in Iran in 1989.

He, like many of his compatriots, came into the realm of rostrum. He was always trying to build small machines and devices in his childhood, and he always wondered how he could succeed in this area. Though life in the immediate aftermath of his hardship was difficult, but these bottlenecks never managed to diminish his will, he always thought of a single goal, which led to more effort.

The hope was that he would complete the high school with the high grade of Mostafa Khomeini, and in 2008, when he entered the university, he began a new and important stage in his life, and in that year he was able to become a member of the Iranian Inventure Center. Strong determination, commitment and effort together led him to more study and work, which led to a lot of honors in the short term, he believed that he was capable of research and research, so that he would do his best to the goal His great man, who was proud of his people and his country. Mustafa Rezaei established several workshops on entrepreneurship and ideas.

Along with academic activities, she also continued to teach disadvantaged students and was also a good advisor and partner for many Afghan immigrant students. In 2010, he became a member of the Scientific Engineering Organization of Ferdowsi University and the same year he was introduced as a migrant star by the Migrant Journalists’ Club.

In 2012, she was recognized as a permanent figure by the United Nations and the Directorate General for Immigrants and Immigrants in Khorasan Razavi Iran.


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