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Danish Danish Student Defenders Defenders in Live TV – Video

Definite and full-fledged Danish schoolchildren from refugees and immigrants in live television:
Emile Error to Denko Folk Party Representative: I have not seen refugees as human beings!
Danish News – A Danish refugee and immigrant student defense of the Danesh Folk Party party representative in a televised debate has launched a great deal of Danish social networking.
The young man named Emil Bülow Petersen, addressed to Kenneth Kristensen Berth, representative of the Anti-Folk Party, Danesk Folk Party, said: “I have daily with more than 100 schoolchildren, and none of these lies you politicians It does not matter to you. The fact is that all refugee students only want to enter the Danish community with the highest marks and live here.
“These divisions, which you are politicians, are from the asylum seekers, their children, and foreigners, these are nonsensical,” Emile said. “The only thing I see among them is humanity and humanity.
In the sequel, Kenneth Kristensen, from Kenneth Kristensen, from Sweden, points out that all the crimes committed in Sweden are from foreigners and gangs of refugees and immigrants.
However, Emile responds to her

Translation: Danish News

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