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Health, Education and Learning Program- HELP- for Refugees

There are currently more than 65.6 million people forcibly displaced worldwide. 20 people were driven from their homes every minute of 2016, or one every three seconds. Concurrently, there is an estimated 14,900 asylum seekers and refugees who are living in limbo amid many uncertainties and restrictions: they are strictly prohibited to work, confined to travel neither by boat nor by plan, and no schools, universities, and institutions explicitly offer admissions to asylum seekers and refugees.

Refugee children’s thirst for education and adult’s need and aspiration for learning English and Bahasa (Indonesian Language) for the time being in transit or after resettlement inspired two young refugees, Mohammad Baqir Bayani and Kalsoom Jaffari, to establish Health, Education and Learning Program (HELP) for Refugees with the help of expats and Indonesian friends.

HELP for Refugees, a multi-activity program, offers a quality, innovative education for refugee children, provides a platform with friendly environment for adults (men and women) to learn English, Bahasa, Computer literacy, and other soft and technical skills, to empower and prepare themselves for the third country, to avoid decay in their already-learned skills by practicing or contributing back to the community, and conducts health workshops on most common health issues that are particular to gender and area of residence, including family planning workshops.

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