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The Salafist scene in Germany grows to 10,300 people

The constitutional protection of 10,300 Salafists in Germany is currently under way, and by the end of 2016 there were 9,700 persons. Özdemir: The Federal Government is supposed to talk with the financial donors of Salafism, because “Saudi Arabia exports the ideas for Salafism with its petrodollars.”

The Salafist scene in Germany continues to grow. According to the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), the security authorities currently run out of 10,300 salafists. In 2011, when Salafism was first shown as a nationwide observer in the constitutional protection report, the domestic secret service had counted 3,800 supporters in Germany.

 Symbolic image: Salafists in Germany. Photo: Adam Berry / Getty Images

By the end of 2016 the salafist potential had stood at 9700 persons.

Salafists are adherents of a fundamentalist current of Islam, which strive for a divine state which is incompatible with Western democracy.

The security authorities see Salafist’s ideas as a breeding ground for an Islamic radicalization that can propel adherents to terrorist attacks or fight for the jihadist militia Islamic state (IS) in Syria.

Green-top candidate Cem Özdemir spoke of a “very worrying development”. The salafist scene also grew “due to the double mantle of this federal government,” he criticized.

“The struggle against Salafism remains unbelievable and hopeless as long as the Federal Government does not at last speak plain text with the exporters and financiers of this despising ideology. Germany exports weapons to Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia with its Petrodollars exports the thought for Salafism. “(Afp)

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