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Assist The Journalists At Risk

Please sign this electronic petition in support to the rights of journalists and reporters.

TO: High Commissioner for Refugees

Filippo Grandi

Dear Sir,

In 1787 Edmund Burke first coined the press as “The Fourth Estate” and, in doing so, added that it was “far more important” than the “Three Estates” of the British Parliament.

As members of the Fourth Estate, we have been proudly carrying on that tradition in exposing criminal wrongdoing, and speaking truth to power. However, we, and our families have only been rewarded with hardship as a result.

However the reporters admire and respect their duty same other skills and duties and doing their attempt throw accommodating the justice during hardships at all around the world , in this occasion Afghanistan press and reporters reaching to bad experience of suppression via powerful groups, conspiracy also tolerate inferior, inadequate and abhorrence days and nights.

Also the national and international organization recognize Afghanistan ,the most inferior and worst country for reporters especially female reporters at all around the world, so publish and present, documentary security treatments videos ,high level violence issues against this groups but as matter of fact the government ,human right ,protective reporters right ,to assist and fortify secure job context and conspectus are just irredeemable and pessimistic.

Today, we sit in squalor in Turkey, where we are not allowed to work, and can barely maintain an existence. We are accomplished journalists with much work to our credit, and can do a world of good if we can find a safe place to live with our families.

In light of this, we are starting a petition for the assistance of Afghan journalists with the assistance of supporting journalist’s centers, humane right activities and a U.S.-based journalist/documentary filmmaker, to let the world know about our plight.

We reporters we have signed this letter, we appeal poorly, honestly for the sick of respect to the human right specially reporters right to use the lawful competency regulation and pave the conspectus for primary interview appointment, review, and resettlement to the secure countries.

We never wanted it to come to this, but we are left with no other option.

Thanks very much.


(+90) 5537239786

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